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Escort Services – How to Win Her Over With a Smoking Fetish

When the girl doesn’t love you enough, and she smokes, you can win her over by making her indulge in a smoking fetish. Smokers love nothing more than sucking down smoke in a woman’s mouth. They’ll gladly participate in smoky talk or even full blown smoky sex to please their women.

There are several ways to encourage girls to smoke. You can talk to her about how much you enjoy it or get her to spend more time with you when she’s smoking. You should be the alpha male and know your girl best. You can have the best intentions but girls are prone to respond differently to different men.

Once you get her on the smoking train, stick to her. Women who like to smoke like to have fun with their man, so don’t hesitate to let her flirt with the smoker.

Start making your girl jealous by telling her that she doesn’t have a cigarette with you. Girlfriend-to-be roles playing smoking in front of her boyfriend is a great way to get her jealous. It won’t make her a lesbian, but it will let her feel wanted her.

A girl can be real reluctant to go along with your smoking fetish if she’s feeling jealous. Reward her whenever she behaves in a very feminine way. Yours isn’t about lust; it’s about bonding. If you do that, she’ll feel more obligated to work for you sexually.

Smoking Fetish Girl

If she’s not interested in smoking yet, give her some reasons to let you flirt with her. Tell her that you like to smoke and that you love the smell of smoke. Also, tell her about how much you appreciate the cigarettes she leaves behind. She’ll be really excited when you bring her one of those alone.

Be sure to play up the innocent side of yourself as you lead the girl towards smoking. Never smoke in public, and always keep your cigarette lit in your pocket. This will show her how much you care about her and will make her wonder if you have a real chance at impressing her.

If you’re really lucky, you’ll get to see her at one of her own smoking sessions. This is the perfect time to compliment her on how cute she looks as she smokes.

Make sure to push the girl to go further when she doesn’t want to smoke. Tell her that smoking is all about the smell, the taste, and the sight. Make sure that she knows she could go further if she just wants to smoke!

If you start to smoke in front of her, she’ll take you up on your suggestion and get more comfortable with you. She’ll also take to your smoking habits more easily because she doesn’t resent you for being in her personal space.

When the girl gets to know that you’re serious about smoking and care about her, she’ll be glad to indulge your smoking fetish. Her desires to smoke are more gratifying to her when you do this. She will also be happy to offer some suggestions about where to go to smoke next.

If you ask her out, you can be certain that she’ll be more open to your smoking fetish than if you just want to smoke in the privacy of your home. That’s because smoking is intimate and even when she’s left the house to smoke, she’ll crave your company.