body worship

What does body worship mean?

The body worship is a submissive state of mind that helps in developing good communication skills and confidence. The girl should love the guy that she is with so much that they could become a couple even if they are in the same room. Body worship starts from your hands and feet. Do you know what you can do to turn the girl on?

If you think that you can please a girl by touching her or smelling her well then you are wrong. You can enhance your body worship with just a few caresses on the skin. Use your hands and feet to pleasure the girl, without going too far.

Did you know that girls get turned on by touching all the parts of their bodies? Well, you can use this fact to please your girl. You can make her beg for more and don’t forget to go down lower. You can send messages of passion to the girl by touching the areas that you don’t feel comfortable about.

While giving oral sex, use your fingers, mouth and tongue to lick and suck the clitoris. Go down below the pubic hair and give a few slow thrusts. You can even insert your fingers inside the vagina to give it a deeper penetration.

You can also stimulate the girls g-spot in a more gentle way. Just insert your fingers under the pubic hair and slide your fingers from the clitoris to the g-spot. Then you can stimulate the g-spot with your fingers by applying a little pressure. You can also use your tongue to lick and feel the pleasure of the g-spot.

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Body worship is great when used during foreplay as it allows the girl to feel pleasure at the same time as you. It can also be used during the intercourse.

When it comes to foreplay, you should first ask the girl if she wants to be touched in any part of her body. So, she would be open to your body worship. It is a good way to build trust between you two.

Once the girl is comfortable with your touch then you can let her start to move her hands down on her body. Be cautious as not to hurt her or she might leave the room.

Once the girl is very comfortable with your touch, you can ask her to remove all the clothes except her panties. You can touch her from the neck down.

Once she is naked, you can start licking her. If she is shy you can just stick to her breasts, navel, and nipples. You can also touch her pubic hair and breasts.

There are many other areas where you can touch your girl during foreplay. You can also rub your hands over her legs and stomach.

Body worship is about giving your girl pleasure and doing it in a non-sexual way. Start to do this by touching the areas that you are not comfortable with and gradually move onto your girl’s genitals.